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This journal explores the possibilities found in manipulating the geometrics of a circle. Within the circle we can find endless variety. Restricting myself to the most basic shape proved many countless inspirations...



Macy's Flower Show 2020 Project. The theme Salt and Sea Air was inspired by what the waves bring forth from the depths of the ocean. Mysterious forms of old and new treasures combined with the more sinister threat of pollution. Specifically the danger of micro plastics in our oceans. 



This journal explores the time period of 1920-1930 in popular western culture. The focus is on the escapism, decadence, and fantasy of the period as a means of numbing the atrocities of WWI in public and personal consciousness. 



This journal is an investigation into the world of Furūsiyya, an ancient Islamic equestrian martial arts training.  The collection explores the vital and intrinsic relationship between horses, humans, and survival. In collaboration with the Stibbert Museum of Florence, Italy for the exhibition, The Eyes Within, May 2019. 



This journal investigates, and draws inspiration from the time period of 1900-1910. Contrasting muse stereotypes through the eyes of three commercially successful male artists in juxtaposition to the women's suffrage movement and three female artist's representation of themselves as muse. 



This project is inspired by the oral histories, myths, and traditions of women's rites of passage in different cultures. This collection is an ode to the wild woman in us all, strong and capable who grows through life with grace and wisdom.  The loves, the losses, and the broken things are left in stories for the following generations. 

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